Thursday, May 7, 2009

Using Photos in Collage

If you are a scrapbooker, the photos are the main focus of your compositions. If you want to use your photos in artwork and still have them as the focal point, you need to do more than just paste them on the page. On the top example, a photo was color enhanced in Adobe and then torn and pasted to printed paper. Then, a heart shape was cut. The photo is integrated into the piece and adds interest without looking like a snapshot. The moonflower at the bottom was cut out to eliminate a distracting background, edged with blue pigment ink and a clipart image added to the center. The purple flowers were cropped to concentrate on the flowers and then a large stamp was used over the edge. This stamped element integrates the photo into the work.

In the bottom example, the red poppies were changed in Hue/Saturation to better fit the color scheme. Close cropping and torn edges focus on the flowers and soften the rectangular shape. Black rub-ons and stamping used across the boundaries of the image bring it into the composition instead of allowing it to float on top. Additional paper and inchies (1"x1" pieces of art) continue the color scheme and exotic feel of the technicolor poppies.

Use your photos like art by changing the color in a computer program or handcoloring over the image with markers or paint. Then, use them in innovative ways as your own personal imagery. Your work becomes more meaningful and much more original.

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