Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doodle Mania

We all do it- stuck on the phone with a pen in your hand you start doodling. I'm a spiral and square in square doodler and I bet you have a certain motif you repeat too. Harness that accidental creativity for your artwork. I like to do something art related everyday but sometimes I'm just too tired to care. That's when I get a stack of paper and my Sharpie and doodle while I watch TV. I try to fill a whole page with a pattern but creating a more realistic composition is fine too. Stop thinking so consiously and just start putting marks down. Once I have a good collection, I scan them into Adobe. There I can change the scale, color, etc. and print the patterns many times. They make great backgrounds when painted with transparent acrylics. Cut them in strips and glue to a base for a great patterned paper. The top illustration here shows doodles that were cut into pattern pieces for the turkey wing then painted with acrylics. Additional painted tissue and gold leaf were added to create texture. In some places, the doodles barely show, but they give the whole piece continuity and interest. You don't have to be an artist to make doodles and they can become a great personal vocabulary of images for your artwork.

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