Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am addicted to ATCs- Artist Trading Cards. They are cool little pieces of art that must fit in a 2.5" by 3.5" format. I don't trade them - just make big batches to use on cards and in collages. These 5 share a really girly, frou-frou look with their pink and blue colors and dressmaker details. The pink parrots are a closeup of a kaleidocope (KaleidoscopeKreator) printed on fabric. Using the shape created by the kaleidoscope, it was easy to add beaded embellishments. The next three are fabric scraps from a crazy quilt experiment. I have no problem cutting up projects that weren't successful! I isolate small parts that work and incorporate them into another piece. A little artistic recycling! These scraps include embroidery (one of my designs for my company Embroidery Studio), several fabrics and a lingerie scrap. More recycling- when you "outgrow" pretty lingerie, see if you can reclaim lace or trims to use elsewhere. These crazy quilt scraps were sewn to a paper ATC card then embellished with pretty rhinestones and ribbon flowers. The final ATC includes a scrap of yet another recycled collage and 3 pretty trims. Don't toss those tiny little snippets of trim and lace. They make great embellishments for these little art cards.

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