Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fuchsia Lilies

Don't be afraid of strong colors!! Even if you generally shy away from intense, saturated colors like this fuchsia, they are fun to experiment with. Both of these cards are based on a scan of a lily drawing rendered in Prismacolor pencils. I intensified the color a little in Adobe to really pump them up. The card on the left uses the yellow in the flower center for its color scheme. I hit my paper stash and starting stacking textures and color for high impact. Notice the marble paper? That is another lily drawing that was "liquidfied" in Adobe. It's a quick way to make marbled papers in exactly the color scheme you need. The second card plays off the purple/fuchsia tones and adds black accents. Its darker feel accents the lily in a much different way from the lighter, brighter orange version. Both of these cards were quick and fun little color studies and think of the smiles they will bring when the recipient pulls them out of the envelope.

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