Thursday, December 15, 2011

Better than Blank

I've been making a series of blank books- I call them Better Than Blank Books. I used beautiful old drawing paper for the pages and made a quick machine sewn seam to put them together. The pages are decorated with paper scraps, fabric strips, ribbon, old ATCs and remnants of unsuccessful projects- anything that was laying around my studio. It is like a giant collage with each page adding to the whole. On the first stage of the project I created the coordinated page spreads. Now I am going back and adding doodles, quotes and finishing details to act as prompts. The final stage will be actually using the book as a journal. Each page will be a visual delight and there are no dreaded white pages in sight!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Share your ART!

My yoga studio - MindBodyFitness Yoga ( is celebrating the Winter Solstice with a Mala. This beautiful, peaceful practice gives us all a chance to relinquish the burdens we no longer need and embrace our good intentions for the coming year. We all bring food for the local food bank and this year we will celebrate with live music and snacks too. For the past 2 Winter malas I have made ATCs ( Artist Trading Cards) to share with everyone. Each one has an inspirational quote on the back. It gives me great joy to share these little pieces of art with my yoga community. Where can you share art in your life? With friends, family- maybe even strangers if you like the idea of guerilla art. The world can always use more beauty so think about sharing your art this year.