Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy Newspaper Antics Part 1

Our local newspaper company did a 2 week free paper promotional to try and increase sales and suddenly I found myself under a mountain of newspaper! I glanced through a few and then just started stacking them up to bundle for recycling. Then, it hit me. It was PAPER- lots of free paper to experiment with. So on a sunny afternoon I took, newspaper, inks, paint and webbing spray out to the driveway and had a free-for-all. I just had fun dumping paint and folding the paper to get patterns. I started with colored India inks for the really saturated color then added white and interference acrylics. I wanted to see the underlying text and colored photos as pattern only so I tried to obscure areas that would distract the eye. There were colored papers all over the driveway and colors all over me as a breeze kicked up right in the middle of everything and I chased wet papers all over the yard. Now I have a big stack of gorgeous paper to further embellish. Here you see one piece after the initial step and 2 I've started doodling on. I want to create really complex and interesting background papers so I will doodle, use webbing spray, gold leaf and crayons to add more pattern and texture. More to follow in future posts.

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