Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faux Postage

I love making faux postage! Many artists who create these little gems add all the text and numbers like they were real stamps. I will do that occasionally but usually mine are all graphics. This set originated with a piece of beautiful handprinted Tibetan paper (the bold black and red designs). I created some kaleidoscopes from my own photos and drawings in Kaleidoscope Kreator ( ) then printed them at various sizes and cut them out. I glued 18-20 of them to the Tibetan paper to create a large collaged sheet. Then I made mylar templates for the inside dimensions of my faux postage and used it to draw around interesting parts. I cut out all of these rectangles, being careful so I could use the "waste" paoper background for another project. Each little piece was then layered to another contrasting piece of paper. These layered pieces were then arranged and glued to the faux postage sheet. Use a block of them together or as individual stamps to add to your artwork. These were part of a project for a decorated card set. I get my faux postage blanks ( with the dotted perforations like real postage ) from . If you've never made faux postage it's a great way to make a bunch of great collage parts for your stash. It's so much fun, I like to do it between big projects or when I'm stuck. Use paper scraps, stamps,clipart and tiny embellishments- whattever is laying around your studio.

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