Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finally out of the chaos

So all the faux postage is done and now all the ATCs are finished- over 200 of them!  The floor was finally bare so I could vacuum again and I have oodles of great components for new pojects.  Julie, an artist friend, pointed out that my method for working seemed very clear to her.  It involves creating lots of small pieces of art, like faux postage and ATCs with very fine detailing.  Then these intricate pieces become part of  larger works like art quilts and journals.  These larger pieces are also very involved with lots of painted and sewn backgrounds as foils to these smaller creations.  The finished result- like the middle image above from a new art journal- results in a richly layered effect with lots of eye candy.  The structure is very simple but each part is lavishly detailed so the total effect is quite complex.

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