Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm hosting a MINGLE giveaway!

Stampington & Company is launching another great magazine- Mingle. It's a magazine devoted to exploring creative ways to bring friends and loved ones together for entertaining, inspiration and good times. As a published Stampington artist I will be receiving 2 issues of the new magazine in early October and one issue is reserved for a lucky blog reader! If you are interested in receiving the premier issue, send me details of one of your favorite ways to treat friends and family!


  1. My favorite time with family and friends is Christmas. My family invites our friends that don't have an extended family and friends that live far away from their families. We laugh, have fun, and just enjoy spending time together. I cook a Christmas dinner that reminds me of the times I spent Christmas Eve at my Grandparent's farm--wonderful memories. My kids always say that it is these friends spending Christmas day with us that truly makes Christmas special.

  2. Ooh! What a wonderful giveaway! So glad I found your blog after seeing your gorgeous work in Art Quilting Studio! I love making handmade gifts for family - pouring my love into what I make for them. I also like to send or leave random love notes for friends and family - just a surprise "I love you" every now and then :)

  3. How fun, what a wonderful giveaway! You art is gorgeous; I love Fall and all it's glory~

    I love to surprise my family with a picnic type dinner, indoors. It is fun to decorate the living room with outdoor touches, lay out the picnic blankets, quilt and make summer type touches in winter. It brightens everyone's mood. Sometimes I will have a Winter BBQ; my Dad was famous for his Cabin Fever attempts. I lived in Maine growing up, tons of snow and ice. When mid February arrived he would light up the grill. It was memorable and a wonderful reminder to not wait for the weather to change. He reminded us to enJOY what we love now, with our loved ones~ :D