Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Variations on a Theme

There is long tradition in the art world for creating a series of works that explore a theme. Monet comes to mind with his waterlily, haystack and cathedral works. Taking one idea and working with it repeatedly allows you to explore a design problem from many angles. Along the way, you often find that inspiration just comes as you spin off from the original idea.

As a gardener, I am always inspired by all the new growth in Spring. Shown here are three of the leaf designs I have been working on lately. The simple shape is consistent in all three but the mixed media treatments couldn't be more different. If you have never done a series before, pick something you like and see where your imagination takes you. Whether you do a few pieces or start a series that lasts for years, you will be surprised how this kind of work can spark all kinds of creative ideas.

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